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Route planner How do I get to my destination? And when does the bus go?
There are lots of bus lines in our region. You can get almost everywhere. You can easily find timetable/schedule information on the RLG website:

All you need to do there is:
  • Enter the starting point (1) and the destination (2). Use bus stop names or an address.
  • You can adjust the time (3) and the date (4) and choose between "Departure time" or "Arrival time" (5).
  • Update your input (6).
  • You will be shown the timetable/schedule data automatically (7). If the bus does not go directly to your destination, you will also be shown any bus stops where you need to change with the timetable/schedule times.
  • Price information (8) about the desired journey is provided for all types of ticket. Just click for more information.
You can switch the route planner language to English by clicking on the little flag on top of the page.

Bus arriving at stop At the bus stop
You can recognise all bus stops from a sign with a green "H". You can get on or get off here.
You will find information about which lines stop there and a timetable/schedule at every bus stop.

Timetable at the bus stop
timetable The times from Mondays – Fridays, and on Saturdays and Sundays are different.
Please get on the bus at the front by the driver and get off at the rear door.

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